Terms & Conditions

In these Terms & Conditions ́Seller’ means Paramount and ́Buyer’ means any individual, a
body of persons, a firm or a company with whom the seller enters into a contract for the sale
of goods and/or supply of services.

These Terms and conditions apply to and form an integral part of all quotations and offers
made by Paramount and all acceptance, acknowledgements and confirmations of any order
made by Paramount regarding sale by Paramount and purchase by buyer.
Any Quotation given by the Seller shall be treated merely as an invitation to offer to provide
product and services and shall not give rise to any contract between the parties. The Seller
reserves the right to vary or withdraw a quotation at any time prior to the dispatch of goods to
the buyer.

The Buyer must notify the Seller of their acceptance of this quotation with thirty (30) days
from the date of quotation by means of a Purchase Order by written intimation.

The Buyer must provide the Seller with a Purchase Order detailing the specifications of
goods or services to be supplied. The Buyer shall not alter or modify the Purchase Order
without the written consent of the Seller.

*Payment and Order Confirmation

(a) Unless agreed otherwise between Paramount and the Buyer in writing, 50% of the
amount has to be paid in advance by cash or by current dated cheque along with the
Purchase Order and the remaining 50% is to be paid prior to delivery of goods.

(b) All Cheque payments are be made towards.....

(c) If the quoted items are not available in stock at the time of order confirmation, the
Seller will arrange to order and deliver the quoted items within 12 to14 working
weeks. Priority delivery by means of courier/air freight/postal/LCL etc will be
charged additionally.
(d) Delivery time shall not be the essence of the Contract. Delivery dates are estimated in
good faith by the Seller. Under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for any
damages whatsoever for failure to deliver or delay in delivery however occasioned.

(e) If the delivery is in installments, delay in delivery of any installment shall not relieve
the Buyer of its obligation to accept the remaining deliveries.
(f) The Seller shall retain title to the goods until receipt of the payment in full. Invoices
will be raised by the Seller against full or partial deliveries without delay for payment
(g) All civil, electrical, gas lines, steam lines have to be provided by the buyer with
isolation points below the units as per MEP drawing details.

(h) All exhaust duct, roof or wall extract and fresh air vents and fans have to be installed
by the Buyer terminating with collars to 2.5 mts above the cooking equipment for
final connection by the Seller.

(i) Any approvals from Government Agencies at the Site will be the sole responsibility
of the Buyer.
(j) Seller reserves the right to submit revised variation cost in case of any change in site
conditions or scope of work. Buyer’s approval and agreement for additional payment
is mandatory to proceed with this additional work.
(k) The Buyer may cancel a Purchase Order only after duly intimating the Seller in
writing provided the notice of such cancellation is received by the Seller (1) prior to
the dispatch from the Seller’s premises in case of a standard product normally stocked

by the Seller; or (2) prior to the Seller placing Purchase Orders on suppliers and is
unable to cancel those Purchase Orders without attracting cancellation charges; or (3)
prior to the Seller commencing manufacturing of a customized product.
(l) Commencement of manufacture shall be deemed to have occurred when the Seller has
raised purchase orders for material to enable manufacture and is unable to cancel
those orders without attracting cancellation charges or has commenced conversion of
a normally stocked product.
(m)Any models, pictures, drawings and measurements shown, provided or communicated
in a quotation given are only general representation of the items offered. Changes in
the picture shall not oblige the vendor to any compensation and shall not give the
purchaser the right to refuse payment agreed against items delivered.

(n) Any modification request by Buyer after commencement of manufacture or
completion of manufacture shall be reviewed by the Seller and if modification is
possible, it will be charged additionally and such additional charges will be intimated
to the Buyer. Work on any such additional modification will commence only after the
receipt of the payment request for such modification.
(o) All custom manufactured products will be delivered after a minimum period of 25
days from the date of the final drawing approval/confirmation of the Buyer unless
specified otherwise in writing.

(p) In the event of any delay in acceptance of goods for more than seven (7) days from
the scheduled date, the Seller will raise the full invoice amount for release of payment
by the Buyer. Storage of the goods confirmed to be purchased by the Buyer for more
than thirty (30) days in the warehouse of the Seller will attract additional warehousing
cost and the same shall be borne by the Buyer.
(q) Any and all advance payment by the Buyer will be forfeited by the Seller in case of
order cancellation of manufactured product(s).
*Governing Law
All offers, confirmations and performance of this contract is construed in accordance with
and governed by the Laws of the United Arab Emirates.

All goods delivered will remain the property of Paramount till full & final payment is
realized. All goods delivered must be counted & inspected for any damages by buyer before
signing delivery order. In case of any defect or damage, Buyer must contact the paramount

call center immediately. However, partial acceptance of goods can be made with remarks of
accepted quantity & notes about rejected products.
Paramount will not entertain any product return requests or complaints regarding damage,
quantity or model discrepancy once the delivery order is signed by the buyer or its
It be noted that:
(a) Orders placed before 3pm for stocked items will be despatched the very next working
day or any day later as confirmed by the client.
(b) Backorders will be despatched as they become available
(c) Orders placed on a weekend will not be processed until the next working day
(d) Please check the stock availability information in the product description. Delivery of
non-stocked items may take 90-120 working days
(e) Delivery of machines, refrigeration and all flat-pack items will be made to the ground
floor entrance to the building. It does not include negotiating lifts or stairs. For any
such requirement, the sales person has to be informed before scheduling the delivery.
(f) Customers are responsible for ensuring that products ordered will fit through
doorways and into their premises. In case of aborted delivery in such circumstances,
carriage charges shall be paid by the customer.
(g) Delivery to traders/re-sellers does not include unpacking or positioning or assembling
(h) Delivery to customers will include unpacking or positioning or assembling of items
only on request made before scheduling delivery. Additional service charges apply for
all orders from countries other than U.A.E, Oman, Qatar who require unpacking,
positioning, assembling, installation & after sale service. For orders from countries
other than specified, customers may request so while ordering or may write an email
later with order reference number before the products are dispatched from our
warehouse. Payments for additional services can be made anytime via wire transfer to
our below account & share us the payment reference number.